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The Students

Our students are the heart and soul of the institute, they are the untapped potential. They are the new breed of a generation who will govern and spearhead the positive changes in the society.

Team Building

The institute always an emphasis on team building and rapport building. Students are always encouraged to work in groups or in interactive sessions which helps in exchange of ideas, broadening horizons and widening their perspectives critical for their understanding.

Trans disciplinary Learning

Transdisciplinary learning aids in cutting across specialization. The students are encouraged to work with a cohesive approach to learning. The integrated learning process coupled with a cognitive perspective with pragmatic approach equips students to transform them into professionals and preparing them for a wide variety of careers. Integrated learning process helps in imbibing and reinforcing the aesthetic sense and industrial dynamics across levels and disciplines.

Critical Appraisal

Critical appraisal at every step encourages self-improvement. The evaluation pattern focuses on the gamut of learning practices and corresponding evaluation tools like task-based assignments, presentations, displays, research papers and written examinations throughout the academic calendar. Interactive juries and viva-voice provide a qualitative evaluation of the overall growth of the students.

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