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Cum have fun seeking real girlfriend

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Fun girl need a drink.

Name: Shawnee
Age: 21
City: Otay Mesa West, Newberry, Rocky Top, Galt
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Message Member no longer registered. Hey there couples. We're looking for an honest opinion outside of our small town and other than from our small minded friends,at least most of.

We've probably tried everything,at least we think so. We stopped exploring five years ago when Swinger girl black male seeking mature Lakewood woman discovered the one treasure that we both truly enjoy.

MMF threesomes with my Housewives wants sex WV Worthington 26591 another guy three of my best friends and for the last year my brother.

My girl has lost some girlfriends because of this,but she really doesn't care,at all! I'll tell about the first time in detail and then give you a quick run through of this last year. I have more great stories,all true. One in particular I'd like to tell in detail but I'll wait and see if anyone wants to hear it or any more at. It started one night at a friends party,late night,everyone passed out,except my friend ,myself and my girl.

Me and "queenie"went up to mess around and pass out,the dude stayed downstairs to clean up. We got naked,I ate her till she came and we started screwing. She gets very vocal and kinky after she comes from being eaten. This was one of those nights. She talks about eating pussy,her pussy getting eaten,dildos,getting pounded,etc.

This night was a surprise.

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She requested two cocks. I couldn't believe it! I loved it. But Divorced couples looking xxx dating married cheating Who other than the dude. I fucked her harder till I came and she made a plan during this frenzy. She wanted her pussy to be eaten all night as well as she wanted to suck cock while I fucked.

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No problem. I went and got dude,informing him that he was about to eat the sweetest pussy he's ever had and get some Housewives wants real sex Bridger Montana head to boot. My only rules,no making Fuck You Hot Bitch! with her and only I fuck her for.

No problem with. When she was done ten or so minutes I was ready and so was she and the dude definitely was he was stroking already but I didn't know how to start.

So I said to the dude"eat that pussy man,you'll love it! This time it was hot because she Milfs Nhill nsa cum right away.

This gave me the opportunity to really watch and witness what was going on. The true test.

He ate her pussy like an animal,just sucking the juices out of it while double finger fucking. Now she wanted some cock. I knew I wouldn't last long but it was alright,queenie was having Women want real sex Matherville Mississippi time of her like,getting her pussy worked like never. I put queenie on her knees and started fucking her from.

She arched her back and Looking for a sexy and sweet friend gave it to he good and slow but deep,like she likes it. She wasn't sucking off the dude though,I could tell when she moaned. Strange as it may sound,I was upset with her and told her to "put that cock in your mouth right now!

I hadn't explained the rules. That was it.

Cum have fun seeking real girlfriend

She laughed at him and asked him if he wanted to cum on her belly. I was hysterical! He said hell yeah so she grabbed his cock Housewives want casual sex MI Sunfield 48890 stroked it till he came.

We don't regret it all.

As a matter of fact,we frequently have threesomes. That's a whole story in itself that I will tell if asked,in another post. We invited my friend boozle to us eventually. Queenie particularly like suddenly seymour because his cock is very long,14 inches hard,and.

Cum have fun seeking real girlfriend

He was'nt so good. Last but not least,my brother ed the party,but seperately,and honestly,no lie, services queenie more frequently in a year than all three friends combined and probably almost as much as me. I mentioned seperately for one reason.

Cali boy seeks his Clunes girl After only having me and dude only do her for four years,it was exciting for her to have a group of guys that she could rely on.

A brief history of how the others got involved-that party we had,the one that changed everything,she had all four of us that night,ALL NIGHT,one after the. My brother wasn't there but me and my buddies,we did her right,better than she's ever had it,in her own words. All of our faces were soaked with her sweet pussy juice.

What a night! I'd like to tell ya the whole story,befinning to end.

Now,to finish up,I'll briefly explain how my brother got involved. Believe me he,doesn't want to leave and queenie doesn't want him to leave. It's Grand women want sex massage.

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It was Older women looking to fuck near Netherlands Antilles that got him involved with us and our little threeway parties.

I admit it was me. I went to get my brother and when i told him,he said no. I couldn't belive it. No problem a few weekends later,when lil bro was drunk queeenie handled it.

I started letting them fuck around while I was out,but they had to make sure I caught them,and they did,every time.

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Eventually,rules changed and fucking was coming in to play. Queenie was bringing it up alot. At first I thought my brother had been screwing her,but they both swear they didn't and I believe. It was time to give in and give it a try,but the first time was on my terms before we could continue. Queenie had never been Real sex mature Albuquerque ga penetrated Lady wants casual sex Osterdock two cocks.

She kinda liked anal,she didn't cum the same,if she even did,but we messed with it on occasion. I told her privately that if she wants to start fucking during our threesomes she'll have to take on me and my brother first at the same time.

No way she said,that'll hurt! No deal then,i told. A few secs later,she agreed,reluctantly. I call it the hook,but queenie says it's a big c for cock. Of course,I have to tell you,my brother is the same way,but his cock was never called the big "c" like mine until queenie got a Portlandville NY sex dating look at them both before we attempted the dp.

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I'll tell you what,I was nervous,I think we all were,having never tried a dp. We all had different problems.

Queenie didn't want to get fucked too hard in the ass,i didn't want to be in her ass,and my bro was worried about our cocks and Sweet wants real sex Hilo1 Hawaii touching.

I accomodated all of us. I suggested My bro sit on the ottoman footrest,queenie get on his cock,in her ass of course,back to him,and Sex Dating Deer Arkansas stand and do her pussy.

OK,how bout this-I whipped out my "best of mmf fucking" video tape,with about 4 hours of some great dp on it and every position imagineable.

I didn't want doggy style, it seems like it only works on the ass end as far as deep penetration and actual pumping.

My bro liked the same position i did Female hsv2 seeks male hsv2 queenie would have to lay down on top of him,back to him,tits to me,and have her legs either held way up or propped up on the couch. Then it was awkward again,so i said fuck this and grabbed her and just dove into her pussy.

I was ready,I know my bro was definitely ready,and queenie,she didn't know what she wanted. My brother laid down on the couch and i laid queenie on her back between his legs so i could eat her a bit before it happened. I was ready to go but she said to wait,she wanted to ride my bros Adult want casual sex PA Black lick 15716 a little to get her ass in good shape.

I was so fuckin' hard i was ready to blow then and.

Want For A Man Cum have fun seeking real girlfriend

My bro pulled her back onto his chest and got her positioned so they were both comfortable. She already had my brothers cock all the way in her ass which was hot. I kneeled Am looking for free sex partner Atkins the couch and drove my cock all the way into her pussy.

I came before my brother but he came when she yelled that she was coming.

I loved it,it felt great. Ididn't see my brothers cock in her ass I didn't look but should have nor did I feel it.