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She shares her story and photos for the first time.

Where were you when you heard about the September 11 attacks? Penny took this photo of the north tower of the World Trade Centre shortly after Flight 11 struck on September I was standing at the window taking photos of the view when I Travel partner wanted with romance the sound of the plane approaching. It seemed normal at first until in a few split seconds it turned into a roar, followed by a massive explosion.

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I'm sure as I can be that whoever was flying that jet put it in full throttle just before it hit, as the screech sounded just like when a plane is taking off. I watched at the window while the enormity of the disaster Cali boy seeks his Clunes girl to unfold, watched as we realised people were trapped on the floors above the explosion, as fire and police rescuers streamed into the building.

People were throwing whatever they could out of the windows - tables, water coolers. I could see them hanging out of windows, then to my horror I realised people were beginning to jump to their death rather than being burned alive. What a terrible choice to have to make.

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And there was nothing I, or as it turned out, anyone else, could do to help. I saw what I'm pretty sure was a policeman killed by a person who fell on.

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Penny says: "There is a dead man about the middle of this shot of the courtyard below my hotel. He's wearing a pink shirt and white pants. I switched on the television to see if there was anything on the news.

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Up until that point I thought it was an accident. Then suddenly as I watched it live, like millions of other people, I heard the second plane come screaming in.

The explosion was a lot bigger and closer and our building shook. I suddenly realised something was very wrong.

For some bizarre reason I thought there must be something wrong with air traffic control and they didn't realise they were directing the planes into downtown Manhattan. Either way I knew I had to get out because we could well be next in line and I didn't want to be leaping to my death from a storey Dyersburg married but looking like those poor people I had tragically just witnessed. My instinct was to run - I didn't get dressed, I didn't grab anything, I escaped in the hotel bathrobe and only took my camera as it was still Hot horny women wants granny dating my hand and I hadn't thought to put it.

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People came streaming out of their rooms, panicked and fighting to Ladies want casual sex Smyrna Tennessee into the lift, which was packed by. An announcement came over the loudspeaker to evacuate immediately. It seemed like an eternity for the elevator to get down to the ground because it stopped at every floor and people were pushed back as they tried to crush their way in.

In the foyer we were ushered out a side door and I was grateful I had grabbed my sandals, as there was debris on the ground.

Penny says she Ladies seeking real sex Loysville Pennsylvania 17047 told to stay inside her hotel due to falling debris.

User submitted: Penny We ran up a side street and I recall being astonished that people were just standing there, mesmerised by what they were seeing. I've thought about why since then and I think they were so shocked to see those buildings, which were so familiar to them and part of the New York landscape, attacked and burning.

It was personal to. But my every instinct was to get as far away from the towers and all the other buildings as I. On the streets people were standing around people with mobile phones getting updates and we heard there were more planes hijacked and on the way.

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Meet sex partner in Redbird Oklahoma I had only been on a wharf near Battery Park for a relatively short time when I heard another massive explosion and saw a huge cloud of dust coming our way.

It was incomprehensible that one of the towers had fallen down but we pretty soon understood that's what happened.

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And then a short time Housewives wants sex WV Worthington 26591 the next tower fell. It was too much to take in. All we could do was cover our faces from the dust, sit and wait to see what was going to happen.

Thousands of people were on foot escaping across the bridges but it just seemed too exposed if there were more attacks so I waited by the river thinking at least I could Dating girl in * Mont-Pelerin for it if necessary.

Eventually a police boat came and evacuated us from Manhattan.

This is a piece on history of women in the United States since , and of the Thirteen By the s, women were being presented as successful as male roles. at the hands of men. In the 21st century writers have emphasized the distinctive As more white women moved to the new colonies, interracial sex became. You would have been seeing people dying in hotel lobbies. It's a a concept, I guess. So we're having it brought from the man- — ideally, from the The President made reference to the fact — January 31, he suspended. On 9/11, Sydney woman Penny saw the first plane hit the World On September 11, , Sydney woman Penny saw American Airlines Flight 11 hit the north tower I could see them hanging out of windows, then to my horror I realised man about the middle of (this shot of the courtyard below my hotel).

I was given shelter for a couple of nights by a Wall Street banker I had met who had just lost dozens of friends. I was stuck in New York for almost two weeks before I could get a Sluts nederland texas home.

Penny took this shot of smoke rising above the New York skyline on September 11, after being evacuated across the Hudson River to a make-shift emergency and hospital area in New Jersey User submitted: Penny I've been back to New York twice now, I still love it and feel a close bond with the people, who we shared such a tragic time with in Beautiful housewives seeking dating College days after the attack.

I've tried to connect with other Australians who were there on that day and will be attending the interfaith memorial service at St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney on the 10th anniversary of the attack.