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Nude on magnetic Perdue, Saskatchewan

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JoAnn McCaig Stories nest inside stories in this very bookish novel about the writerly Beautiful housewives wants nsa West Yellowstone and about the places where literary ambition collides with erotic desire. A character named JM opens the book with her lucid dream, then introduces Janet, who is a happy prisoner of the story coming to life in her imagination.

The structure of the novel is complex, layered, and interwoven. There are several narrators, stories within stories, and writers making things up and fantasizing while living real albeit fictional lives.

There are literary allusions galore and cameo appearances by thinly disguised famous authors. It can all get a little crazy, so McCaig has provided yaya massage canberra few support materials: an infographic that maps out the different characters, and relationships and authorships, a fairly detailed table of contents, a few postscripts, and a couple of appendices.

The novel is humorous, and sometimes really funny; it is also a smart and warm and moving read. While its narrative is bold enough in places to be shocking, at the same time it is bitingly true in myredbook bakersfield california depiction Saskatchewan the interior life, in all its grief, banality and sexual frustration, of a single working mother raising her nearly grown sons.

This is an intelligent and, especially, a brilliantly written novel.

An Honest Woman explores the inconveniences of lust, the confusion between fiction and life, and the gap between experience and irony. Brilliantly acerbic, this erotic romp through the literary and quotidian world is astutely meta-fictional, utterly compelling, and ultimately irresistible. Buy it now!